IDF soldier, First Sergeant Ro’i Oren, age 20, from Moshav Udim, was killed last night during IDF operations in the Askar refugee camp in the Nablus area. The Oren family has been notified. The funeral will take place today, August 8, 2003, at 15:30 in the Udim cemetery.

Details of the operation
During the above-mentioned operation, IDF forces surrounded a building in which a senior operative of the Hamas military wing was hiding. IDF forces called to the occupants of the building to turn themselves in.

Following this request, shots were fired at IDF forces from a window on the third floor, one of which struck and killed First Sergeant Ro’i Oren. IDF forces returned fire towards the source of the attack. For reasons that are as of yet unclear, this set off multiple explosions, indicating the presence of a significant amount of explosive material in the building – possibly an explosives laboratory.

Following the exchange of fire, IDF forces searched the area, and found the body of Hamis Abu-Salem, who served as a head explosive expert for the Hamas military wing. Abu-Salem was also responsible for training suicide bombers. In addition, IDF forces confiscated two rifles and a pistol found in the building.

After carrying out searches, IDF forces demolished the building, which had been partially destoyed by the above-mentioned series of explosions.

The IDF, as part of its commitment to protect the Israeli population, is compelled to continue to act against the Hamas infrastructures, responsible for planning terror attacks against Israel and producing bombs.