IDF soldier honored for thwarting terror attack after being wounded

In March, Sgt. Gal Weingarten was able to stop a terrorist attack near Hebron, despite a slash wound to his throat

Date: 23/04/2012, 10:57 AM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

GOC Central Command Major General Nitzan Alon on Sunday (April 22) awarded a citation to Gal Weingarten, a soldier from the Lavi Battalion of the Kfir Brigade who was seriously injured during an attempted terrorist attack in Hebron last month. Despite his injury, Weingarten was able to thwart the terrorist attack.

The incident occurred on March 8 during an operation against terrorist organizations south of Hebron. While a search was being conducted of a Hamas target, Israeli forces securing the area were attacked by two terrorists in an attempt kill an IDF (Zahal) soldier.

Sergeant Weingarten was positioned on a street near the target. Weingarten was attacked and seriously injured with a slash wound to his throat. Nevertheless, he opened fire and shot the terrorists.

The citation said: “With his actions, Sergeant Gal Weingarten showed courage, bravery, devotion to mission, and commitment to victory in difficult conditions, serving as an example and model for every soldier in the IDF (Zahal).”