IDF solider , Sgt El’ad Shneor , aged 19 from Ashdod was killed and an IDF Officer and two soldiers were lightly wounded this afternoon. The incident was caused most likely by missiles fired towards a convoy of military vehicles on its way to one of the IDF posts in Mount Dov , near the Israeli-Lebanese border.The IDF retaliated with tank shells, antitank missiles and artillery towards Hizbullah targets in the area of the incident. A ricochet from this fire landed near Metula due to an error which will be investigated by the IDF.The wounded soldiers were evacuated to a hospital for medical treatment.The family of the IDF soldiers that was killed has been notified.

The IDF emphasizes that this incident implies that Hizbullah is continuing his uncontrolled activity in southern Lebanon. The IDF regards the Syrian and Lebanese governments as liable for the escalation in the area.