Last night (September 24, 2003), IDF soldier, Staff Sergeant Avihu Keinan, age 22, from Shilo, was killed during IDF operational activity in the Al Bureij Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip. In addition, 6 IDF soldiers and officers were wounded: one soldier sustained serious injuries, one officer and soldier were moderately wounded, and one officer and two soldiers were lightly wounded.

The families of the casualties have been notified. The wounded soldiers were transported to the hospital for treatment.

Details of the operation
Last night, IDF forces operated in the Al Bureij Refugee Camp (Gaza Strip). The above-mentioned operation was carried out to arrest a wanted Palestinian.

IDF forces arrived at the house of the wanted Palestinian, and began to search the area. An exchange of fire ensued – during which grenades were hurled and explosive devices detonated against IDF forces.

7 IDF soldiers were wounded during the above-mentioned exchange of fire. A short while later, Staff Sergeant Avihu Keinan died from his injuries. The terrorist was killed in the fire-fight.

IDF forces searched the house of the wanted terrorist, and seized Qassam rockets as well as mortars. It should be noted that during the past week, 14 explosive device were detonated, two anti-tank missiles were fired, 9 mortars were launched, and 14 grenades were hurled at IDF forces operating in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF will continue to wage an uncompromising war against terrorist organizations, as well as their operatives, leaders and infrastructure.