Today early in the morning a commercial vehicle with yellow (Israeli) license plates arrived at an IDF roadblock near Tene-Omarim, in the south Hebron Hills. The soldiers indicated the vehicle to stop, yet when it did not, an IDF vehicle that was close by began a chase after the vehicle.

After a few minutes the soldiers overtook the vehicle in order to block it, but the vehicle swerved to the roadside, and continued driving while ignoring the soldiers attempts to stop it.

At this stage the soldiers began suspects arrest procedures that included them to stop, firing into the air and towards the tires. Apparently, following the shots a Palestinian woman who was in the vehicle was killed.

From the initial inquiry it appears that the soldiers acted according to procedures.The IDF expresses regret for the death of the woman and is continuing to investigate the event.

The Military Police has opened an investigation of the event, and on its completion it will pass its findings for the inspection of the Military Advocate General.