Soldiers of the Hoshen Unit support a charity organization for families in need by making care packages

Date: 16/09/2009, 6:23 PM    

A random visitor passing the Alumim Hagadol synagogue in Jerusalem this week, could get the false impression that the IDF (Zahal) is preparing for a war or a high alert phase.

But the surreal scene of dozens of soldiers helping to pack food in boxes has entirely different reasons. For the sixth consecutive year, soldiers of the Hoshen Unit of the Unit for Telecommunications and Information Technology leave their important operational work for some time in order to help the charity organization Tov VeHesed to pack hundreds of packages for families in need, in preparation for Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year).

Every day a different battalion of the Unit helps with the packaging. Every battalion splits into companies who compete for the title of the Company that packed the most boxes. “Donating to the community is an integral part of the work. Military operations always lead to the conclusion: “It’s impossible”, and here we have proven that it is possible to operate and support the community,” says Lt. Col. Gil Feld, commander of the Eitanim Battalion, which is responsible for the packaging on Tuesday (Sept. 15). Lt. Aleksey Fodar, a platoon commander in the Eitanim Battalion also expresses a similar approach: “It is amazing to give. You think of the family who will receive the package on the holiday, and it makes you feel good.”

The soldiers of the Hoshen Unit will continue supporting Tov VeHesed throughout the week. The goal is to finish the packaging of 780 packages until the weekend, and to distribute them to families in need this weekend.