The Commander of the Israel Navy, RADM (U).Yedidia Ya’ari, and the Head of the Technological and Logistics Directorate, Maj. Gen. Aharon Ze’evi trust the professional decisions of the Medical Corps and the IDF Surgeon General, Brig. Gen. Dr. Giora Martonovitz. The research conducted responsibly and ethically by the IDF Medical Corps is of the highest quality and provides an example to other armies throughout the world. The work of the Medical Corps concerning dives is carried out and based on cooperation with external advisors, senior scientists in Israel, in order to secure the health of IDF soldiers, in regular and reserve service, including Israel Navy divers.

The alleged statistics that were presented in the media are groundless and mislead the public:

The IDF medical corps does not authorize dives and does not require that they be held for any reason. It does not carry out experiments on Israel Navy divers and all of its activities are concentrated on an essential medical follow-up, whose goal is to protect the health of the soldiers.

All issues involving diving are under the exclusive responsibility and authority of the commander of the Israel Navy.

The IDF and its commanders operate and will continue to operate with full responsibility to their soldiers and their soldier’s health.