IDF strengthens border defenses in wake of "Nakba Day"events


IDF (Zahal) engineering forces have been working to refresh the entire Israel-Syria border barrier in the Golan Heights

Date: 02/06/2011, 12:48 PM     Author: Reut Farkash, Bamahane

Since more than 100 Syrian citizens breached the border fence in the Golan Heights during a “Nakba Day” march last month, IDF (Zahal) engineering forces have been conducting work to strengthen the border barrier.

An official in the Northern Command said that soldiers were in the process of construction works to refresh the entire border barrier in the Golan Heights, where obstacles include trenches and minefields.

The official said that numerous minefields need to be fenced and that some new mines to be laid to replace old ones.

The official also noted that there are new trenches that need to be dug.