IDF to be declared ‘Kosher for Passover’ within 24 hours

All bases and units prepare for the holiday, ensuring every soldier will enjoy a meal “whether on base, out in field, in operational activity, on a vessel or on a plane”

Date: 04/04/2012, 10:59 AM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Within as little as 24 hours starting Wednesday morning (April 4), the Military Rabbinate will render all IDF (Zahal) bases kosher for the Jewish holiday of Passover. After weeks of heavy-duty spring cleaning in honor of the holiday, soldiers all across the IDF (Zahal) are joined in the field by the military rabbis that come to certify the bases and assist in any way possible. By the end of the day, the mission complete, the IDF (Zahal) will be declared Kosher for Passover.

“Our duty is to guarantee that every soldier will eat well during the holiday, whether on base, out in field, in the midst of operational activity, on a vessel or on a plane- at a setting no less elegant than back home,” assured Chief Military Rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz.

Hundreds of re Military Rabbinate representatives will arrive at every single IDF (Zahal) base across the country and help each unit prepare for the holiday.

IDF (Zahal) attaches in faraway countries are cared for as well, as the Military Rabbinate sent them a holiday package with the following items: A Hagada read during the Passover Seder, grape juice for four people, and traditional holiday foods including Matza, celery, horse radish, and Charoset. Additionally popular Israeli foods difficult to come by abroad were supplied as well.

Soldiers whose service prevents them from sitting around a table for the holiday meal will receive packages with all the traditional holiday foods enabling them to partake in every tradition and feel the holiday while out in the field.