IDF to begin using advanced missile detection system

Illustrative photo

The Air Defense Formation’s new system will operate more precisely than the current systems – detecting 99% of incoming missiles, while minimizing false alarms

Date: 16/01/2013, 11:12 PM     Author: Shir Aharon Bram, IAF Website

Two months after the end of operation Pillar of Defense, the Air Defense Formation continues to advance its capabilities in defending Israel against missile threats. In one such development, the existing missile detection systems will soon be replaced with a newer version incorporating innovative changes.

The new system will allow a detection of 99% of the rockets and missiles launched towards Israel and will scan the attacked area in detail, resulting in fewer false alarms interrupting citizens’ daily life.

“This new, advanced system is a great advancement. It will be better suited to all levels of operations and detection issues,” stated Maj. Ofir Walfish, commander of the IAF center that is responsible for the detection of rockets and missiles fired toward Israel. “It’s a control system managed by sensors and it was invented by the defense industries and the IAF. It will soon replace the older system.”

One of the new system’s main improvements is the ability to create a more precise evaluation of the area under attack within Israel. This will allow earlier alerts that will be activated in specific zones, thus minimizing the disruption of citizens’ lives. “We are working around the clock in order to give the most accurate alerts and are happy about this advancement, as it will allow us to do our jobs more effectively,” said Maj. Walfish.