IDF to study and implement State Comptroller findings

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State Comptroller’s conclusions to be incorporated into a detailed work plan to be implemented in near future

Date: 17/05/2011, 7:34 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

In response to the State Comptroller report that was presented on Tuesday (May 17), which, among other things, referred to matters within the IDF (Zahal) requiring review and improvement, the IDF (Zahal) stressed that all issues raised in the report will be examined in-depth in the near future. The findings will be incorporated into a detailed work plan to be implemented as soon as possible.

In regards to the gaps in the Home Front Command brought up in the report, the Home Front Command emphasized that the response to the existing issue is cooperation between forces acting on the home front for the purpose of formulating an integrated and coordinated real-time situational picture and that staff work is currently being conducted by the police, fire services and the Ministry for Home Front Protection.

In regards to the report’s findings on the IDF (Zahal)’s history department, it should be noted that the department operates according to an approved yearly research plan that incorporates both long and short-range missions.

At the same time, the department is committed to flexibility and relevance in accordance with reality and changing needs (i.e. documentation and research about Operation Cast Lead). The history department has in recent years worked to strengthen its relationship with the Defense Ministry’s research unit, in order to coordinate fields of research and to identify areas of common interest.