IDF trains for mobilization of reservists under fire

Credit: Florit Shoihet

“Steel Formation” practices the mobilization of reservists as missiles fall on the home front

Date: 06/02/2012, 10:51 AM     Author: Florit Shoihet

Given the ongoing instability in the Middle East, the IDF (Zahal) continues to train for emergency scenarios involving the mobilization of reserve forces.

Recently, the “Steel Formation” practiced the mobilization of reserve forces under fire. This week, hundreds of armored, infantry and artillery reservists arrived at emergency storage units and underwent full mobilization, as “Red Alert” sirens sounded, warning of incoming missiles. 

A colonel in the “Steel Formation” said that the exercise was based on the lessons of the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead, as well as an ongoing threat assessment.

“We will not be surprised,” he said. “Our competence is very high.”

The multi-day exercise is held several times per year.

“The main challenge is mobilizing forces while the home front and mobilization points are being bombarded, and this is something that will happen,” said an adjutant officer. “This exercise gives the best mental preparation for liaison staff and the reservists themselves.”