Date: 17/01/2009, 11:12 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

13 IDF (Zahal) soldiers were wounded during operations in the Gaza Strip on Saturday (Jan. 17); three soldiers where severely wounded, three moderately, and the others were lightly injured.

One of the incidents occurred when Givati Brigade soldiers were operating in the central Gaza Strip; an IDF (Zahal) soldier was severely wounded, another soldier moderately wounded, and three other soldiers lightly wounded, when an anti-tank missile was fired at them on Saturday afternoon (Jan. 17). The soldiers received initial medical treatment on the scene and were then evacuated to hospitals for additional medical treatment. In another incident on Saturday morning (Jan. 17), two officers and two soldiers from the Paratrooper Brigade were severely wounded by mortar shells fired at them in the northern Gaza Strip. The soldiers received initial medical treatment on the scene and were evacuated by a helicopter to receive medical treatment in a hospital. The condition of the two officers has improved and they are now considered to be moderately wounded.

The IDF (Zahal) continued targeting terrorist sites throughout the Gaza Strip on Saturday (Jan. 17). Since Saturday morning (Jan. 17), the IAF struck more than 100 smuggling tunnels along the Philadelphi Corridor in the southern Gaza Strip. In addition, the IAF targeted ten rocket launching sites, some of them loaded and ready for launching, five groups of armed terror operatives, three Hamas outposts, and additional targets that were identified by Ground Forces.

Also on Saturday (Jan.17), IDF (Zahal) Ground Forces identified two armed terrorists hiding in a building, fired at them and identified hitting the terrorists. When searching the house after the hit, the forces uncovered large amounts of weaponry, including explosives belts, explosive devices, grenades and additional weaponry. The building was exploded in a controlled manner by the IDF (Zahal) forces.

In a separate incident in the northern Gaza Strip, fire was opened at IDF (Zahal) forces; the terrorist having fired at the forces was identified as being located inside of a house. IDF (Zahal) forces, including Engineering Corps forces, targeted the house and identified a hit. Additionally, IDF (Zahal) forces identified a terrorist armed with an anti-tank missile approaching them, and directed aerial forces to target him. The forces identified hitting the terror operative in this incident.