In Response to Rocket Fire IAF Targets Terror Sites in Gaza Strip

Archive photo: IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson

A number of sites including weapon-developing facilities and terror tunnels were targeted on Monday night (Mar. 21) in response to continual rocket-fire from the Gaza Strip

Date: 22/03/2011, 11:31 AM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

IAF aircraft targeted a smuggling tunnel, two weapon-storage and weapon-developing facilities and two terror centers in the Gaza Strip on Monday night (Mar. 21). Direct hits were confirmed and all aircraft returned to their bases safely.

The attack came in response to terror activities by the Hamas terror organization in the past few days, mostly shooting projectiles (such as mortar shells) at Israel’s southern communities.

In another IDF (Zahal) operation on Monday night, a terror tunnel and a number of Hamas operatives in the northern Gaza Strip were targeted. Terrorists use such to infiltrate into Israeli territory and carry out attacks against the citizens of Israel and IDF (Zahal) soldiers.

The IDF (Zahal) will not tolerate firing of rockets or shooting of any kind at Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip. The army will respond firmly to any such acts or terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip as well as attempts to harm the citizens of Israel. The IDF (Zahal) suggests that Hamas not attempt to escalate the situation and test the army’s strength.