Increased preparation against unconventional warfare threats

IDF (Zahal) holds more defensive courses training officers how to respond in emergencies, also in case of a nuclear bomb attack at an IDF (Zahal) base

Date: 09/02/2012, 2:00 PM     Author: Daniella Bokor

IDF (Zahal) continues to prepare against nuclear threats, partially due to recent turmoil in the Middle East. Every few weeks the IDF (Zahal) unconventional warfare center holds a defensive course for officers, providing each unit with instructions in case of an attack at their base. Officers and commanders arrive at the center for two weeks to learn about unconventional weapons, instructions in case of an attack and initial care they would provide to the soldiers.

This week the officers trained with bomb disposal soldiers from the Engineering Corps Special Forces unit. They participated in a training exercise practicing blocking off infected regions and removing curious observers from the scene. “The drill tests implementation of material learned during the course,” explained Cpt. Lior Shtainer, commander of the defense department. “The exercise teaches to incorporate forces and coordinate with the Operations Room.”

Increased preparation against unconventional warfare threats

The scenario included two missiles that were launched from the north landed in an IDF (Zahal) base and the soldiers were required to perform a quick, precise and careful evacuation.

According to Cpt. Shtainer the current security challenges were a factor in raising awareness of the importance of defense against unconventional warfare, and as a result the IDF (Zahal) has been increasing the relevant training. “Today we practice these extreme scenarios more than in the past,” said Cpt. Shtainer. “The fact such exercises are held more frequently indicates the importance of such a scenario.”

Increased preparation against unconventional warfare threats

“This was without a doubt a challenging drill,” concluded Lt. Oded, an intelligence officer who participated in thr course. “We recognized several bombings and learned how to deal with them. Now, I feel I have the tools to prepare my base in case of an attack and will know what to do in the moment of truth.”