Increased protection of communities near Israel-Egypt border

Due to recent threats at the border and continuous rocket launchings, Gaza Division decided to tighten security measures

Date: 19/12/2011, 4:37 PM     Author: Hadas Duvdevani

Gaza Division officers decided to tighten security of communities near the Israel-Egypt border in response to recent threats in the area. The communities will be defined as ‘fence adjacent’ communities similarly to those located near the Gaza Strip.

“Since the moment tensions began in Egypt and later in Sinai we understood threats are more concrete,” said Commander of Territorial Defense in the Gaza Division, Lt. Col. Ilan Dayan. In the next few months inductive fences will be built around several of the communities and more soldiers will be stationed.

The ‘hourglass’ project creating a physical barrier between Israel and Egypt will be built along the border. The project will serve as a solution to the security threat and the growing infiltration problem, according to Lt. Col. Dayan. In response to the rocket threat against Israeli communities, additional defense programs will be implemented.

“During emergencies and threats, it is important to show civilians that defense mechanisms are operating flawlessly,” said Lt. Col. Dayan. “we are extremely prepared at all fronts.”