CO Ground Forces Command, MG Moshe Ivri Sukenik, conducted yesterday a general inquiry on the complaints on hazing during the training of the Duvdevan soldiers in the Adam compound.

The inquiry concludes that the officers of the company used harsh punishment as well as demanded from them more than is permitted according to the physical scale used by the IDF. It has been emphasized, however, that in no case were the soldiers intentionally dishonored or disgraced, and that the commanding officers acted due to over-motivation.

It must be noted that the officers in command were tried a week and a half ago sentenced either by imprisonment or the suspension of imprisonment. According to the advice of the unit’s commanders the officers in questions will not return to the company and will be assigned to other units. In addition, all of the officers in the battalion were explained the acceptable norms in training and practice.

The soldiers of Duvdevan who are finishing their training course in the Adam training compound will soon join the unit as combatants.

It must be emphasized that the Chief of IDF General Staff, LTG Shaul Mofaz, views human dignity as the primary value of the IDF whose importance is no less than that of operational training in the IDF.