In an initiated action of the security forces, the military commander of the Hamas in the Khan- Yunis area, Adli Hamdan, was killed.
He was personally responsible for dozens of terrorists attacks carried out against Israeli civilians in the Gaza strip.

Hamdan was killed in the midst of preparing a major attack against Israeli targets in the strip.

Hamdan was a part of the Hamas network which was led in the last year by Salah Shhada- a network responsible for most of the serious terror attacks which took place in the Gaza strip over the last year, including most recently on the outpost near Kerem- Shalom in which four IDF soldiers were killed.

The activity of Hamdan in the military wing of the Hamas was known to the Palestinian security officials, and he was even arrested by them on January 10th while he was armed and released shortly after.
The PA took no steps to stop his activities.

Hamdan, born in 1975,a resident of the El- Amal neighborhood of Khan- Yunis refugee camp, veteran Hamas member, jailed between 1993-1996 for his activity in the military wing of the Hamas. Last July Hamdan played a key role in a suicide car bomb attack in the Gaza strip, in which an IDF soldier was injured.

During the last year Hamdan was responsible for dozens of mortar, shooting and bomb attacks against Israeli forces and civilians in the area.

Hamdan played a key- role in producing and distributing mortars and mortar bombs in the southern Gaza strip, and was expanding the Hamas military infrastructure in the area. In this incident, all the cell members of Adli Hamdan were killed.

The IDF spokesperson stresses, that the IDF will continue its actions to prevent terror, in order to protect the security of Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.