“Operational investigations were conducted by the Gaza Strip division commander, Brigadier General Israel Ziv, Infantry and Paratrooper Officer, Brigadier General Gadi Shmani, regarding the Terrorist penetration into the “Marganit” post that took place on 25/8/01. On October 22nd the results of these investigations were presented to the Chief of the IDF General Staff, Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz. The Chief of the IDF General Staff commended the depth of the investigations on the subject – submitted by the Gaza Strip Division Commander and Chief Infantry and Paratrooper Officer, and the degree of self criticism submitted by those participating in the event. The Chief of the IDF General Staff emphasized that the event in the “Marganit” post and its severe results will act as a source for lesson learning and improvement of operational quality: in the battalion, in the “Givati” brigade and in general throughout the IDF’s infantry units. In general, the operational missions held in the region of the Gaza Strip are finely executed and the level of combating following a year of terror attacks deserves a commendation. The lessons learned will be distributed throughout army units and will be studied. The following are the central points summarized by the Chief of the IDF General Staff:

· The three soldiers who were killed in the post – Major Gil Oz, Sergeant Koby Nir and Corporal Tsachi Garbeli were not hit by friendly fire.

· The force within the post – failed in its mission: defense of the post. They had the required training and ammunition in order to executive their mission.

· A clear command failure by the post Commander. There exists a certain addition of strictness to the case when after his completion of the Officers Course, it was recommended that he not be appointed to a command position, and thus his appointment was a result of coercion.

· Positive note to be made to the actions of the Battalion executive officer, Major Gil Oz, and the self sacrifice and bravery displayed by the Medic who rushed to his assistance, Sergeant Koby Nir.

· The doctrine of combat and the organization grant response to the operational requirements in the Gaza Strip.

The Chief of the IDF General Staff adopts the personal conclusions that were taken by the division Commander and confirmed by the General: to dismiss from combatant positions, four of the post soldiers as well as the post class commander, platoon commander, and deputy company commander. In addition it was decided to reprimand the Southern Brigade Commander and the Battalion Commanders. The Commanders gave the Chief of the IDF General Staff’s summary to the families.