Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center Website Now in Persian

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center will publish its website in Persian in order to reach out to the Iranian population

Date: 05/05/2009, 10:17 AM     Author: Arnon Ben-Dror

The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center website at the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center publishes information about Iran, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the Israeli-Arab conflict. In a few days, this website will be published in Persian. As of late, the website is translated from Hebrew to five different languages: English, Arabic, Russian, French and German.

The translation of the website to Persian is part of an effort to broaden the coverage of recent regional developments for the Iranian population. Recently, a few reports have been published in order to accomplish this goal, and a few of the topics include: the Iranian subversion in the Persian Bay through the prism of Iranian-Bahrain relations, Iranian activity in Latin America, the subversion activity of Hezbollah in Egypt, and the media criticism of Egypt regarding Iran.

“We are aware that the documents that we publish in English get to the population in Iran. The center believes that we can broaden the readership in Iran by creating a website in Persian,” explains the director of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center Col. (res) Dr. Reuben Erlich, who has served in senior intelligence positions in the IDF (Zahal).

The information center was established in 2001, in order to collect information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to create accessible reports for the public. Every week, the center publishes reports dealing with daily public issues on its website. The center includes an Intelligence library in Israel that is reserved for the use of IDF (Zahal) soldiers and citizens. In addition, the center maintains a display of weapons used by terrorists that were uncovered by Security Forces.

The center’s information stems from a number of researchers that share the same background in Middle Eastern security. They provide a reliable source of information dealing with the Israeli-Arab conflict in Israel and throughout the world. Of the hundreds of thousands of monthly readers, most are located abroad, but the website is also popular amongst Israelis. During Operation Cast Lead, the website received praise by the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Security Establishment.

Soon the information on this website will be made available on the IDF (Zahal) internal network for use by IDF (Zahal) personnel. The website can be accessed at and