ISA thwarts abduction of IDF soldier by Hamas

ISA arrests Hamas terror operative, Mahmed Abu Aadra, who worked from Sinai to execute a deadly terror attack in Eilat and abduct an IDF (Zahal) soldier

Date: 21/03/2012, 4:08 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

It was released for publication today, Wednesday (March 21) that the Israel Security Agency (ISA) arrested Mahmed Abu Aadra, an operative in the Hamas terror organization and Raffah resident who planned to abduct an IDF (Zahal) soldier and participate in a suicide bomber attack in the city of Eilat.

The ISA arrested Aadra as he attempted to infiltrate into Israel through the Gaza Strip border along with other terror activists.
While under investigation he confessed that he escaped to Sinai approximately one year ago through a tunnel after partaking in illegal activity. After several months spent in Sinai Abu Aadra was contacted by  Yones Shalof, also a Raffah resident and Hamas terror operative described as commander of Hamas artillery responsible for the Hamas’s outposts in Sinai.

Shalof asked Abu Aadra to operate for the Hamas terror organization from Sinai, at observation posts taking pictures of Israeli posts along the border in order to carry out a terror attack against Israel from the region. Abu Aadra understood from Shalof that additional bodies are already stationed in Sinai gathering intelligence for Hamas terror attacks, some receiving high salaries for their work.  

After agreeing to work for Hamas from Sinai, Abu Aadra was smuggled to the Gaza Strip through a terror tunnel by Hamas operatives for a thorough briefing, affirming that the purpose of the intelligence gathering is to carry out a terror attack.

During the month of August (2011) Mahmen Abu Aadra and Roshdi Abu Aadra performed most of the observations equipped with high-tech cameras and GPS devices to mark their targets. The two also received assistance from local residents and others from Sinai.
Among the targets was the Taba border crossing, specifically the security forces and guarding posts at the crossing. Additionally they gathered intelligence of military posts located along the border with Israel and several civilian targets within Israeli territory specifically in the city of Eilat. As part of their activity the two terrorists infiltrated into Israeli territory several times.

After completing the observations, Abu Aadra and Rashdi transferred the information to the Gaza Strip where it was examined by Hamas terror operatives. The two then received further instructions and specific briefings, based on the information and additional intelligence gathering targets.

The ISA investigation also revealed that Abu Aadra supported executing a terror attack using anti- tank missiles towards both military and civilian targets along the Israeli border with Sinai, as well as launching rockets from Sinai towards Israel. Commander of the Hamas military brigade in Raffah, Raad Ataar explained to Mahmed Abu Aadra that the purpose of the attack would be to abduct an IDF (Zahal) soldier along with another terror attack where a terrorist squad of suicide bombers will infiltrate into the city of Eilat.

Mahmed Aadra confessed in his investigation that he agreed to enable the aforementioned terrorist squad into Eilat.

Mahmed Abu Aadra added that the terrorist suicide bombers completed their training and the infrastructure enabling their transport in Sinai has been completed, however they are waiting for the opportune moment to execute the attack.

Today Abu Aadra was indicted with various charges. The investigation indicated large-scale activity of the Hamas terror organization in the Sinai region as well as an attempt to infiltrate into Israeli territory and execute deadly terror attacks. Additionally it shows the immense potential of terror organizations to execute terror attacks from this region. The recent arrest thwarted a severe terror attack, one of many such attacks attempted through Sinai already thwarted.