During the last week, Israel filed 49 complaints on account of disturbances originating from within Lebanese territory. These complaints add to 123 previous complaints filed to the U.N on this matter.

Two of the complaints were filed due to the hurling of two bottles, which contained a flammable material, from Lebanese territory towards an IDF post in the area of the Fatma border crossing, on Sunday this week (16.7.00).

In the course of the daily disturbances, citizens are hurling stones and metal pikes towards IDF forces as well as towards military and civilian structures on the Israel-Lebanon border.
The incidents at the border are disrupting the daily life of the residents of northern Israel and their ability to work in the area, they are also hampering works towards the completion of a new border fence.

These incidents are disrupting the delicate stability which exists along the border and emphasizes the need for a quick deployment of UNIFIL and Lebanese Army forces in the area.