Israel Navy Commander, Maj. Gen. Yedidia Ya’ari directed the halting of all maritime activity, including: diving, swimming and sailing of small ships, following the demand by the Shamgar Commission to cease all maritime activity until the level of pollutants in Israeli’s sea water is examined. Both military and civilian authorities in the medical and environmental fields will undertake this examination.

The Shamgar Commission directed that the examinations be based on the Israeli standard for optimal level of pollution in sea water, which is yet to be set. As is already known, the Israel Navy has halted its diving in the Kishon River in the past decade and in the Port of Haifa in the past months, and now has expanded its prohibitions to include all of Israel’s beaches until the decisions of the Shamgar Commission will be realized: “an initiated scientific examination of sewage in the sea, rivers and ports of Israel, according to both health and environment related tests, before the Israel Navy or any other military body exercises in them”

The Israel Navy will begin to implement the decisions of the Shamgar Commission immediately, and will continue to cooperate with the Commission.

The Israel Navy is, and always has been, committed to its combat soldiers, and the defense establishment will continue to aid and support the combat soldiers and their families, although the Commission has yet to find a link between the diving and Cancer.