Israel Navy prepared for all scenarios

Patrol squadron completes training aimed at curbing enemies from entering Israeli maritime territory

Date: 21/02/2012, 4:55 PM     Author: Yohanan Levin, Israel Navy

Patrol squadron “Yasur” of detachment 914, located at the naval base in Haifa, prepared to embark on a training exercise. “Dvorah” model patrol boats all readied themselves to train for a number of possible scenarios at sea.

The training tested a number of scenarios, including a number of hostile enemy ships simultaneously attacking Israeli forces, and attacking elements that enter the maritime territory of the State of Israel. Both scenarios required functioning at a high level under stress and prolonged deployments at sea. Patrol Commander Maj. Shachaf Levy was present throughout the training to examine the combat readiness and preparedness in real time.

Israel Navy prepared for all scenarios

In the distance, a black spot emerges on the horizon. “A missile boat across Khartoum,” reports Sgt. Yarden Barmucha. As we approach the black point, the missile boat comes into view. The missile boat joined the exercise in order to refuel, simulating a scenario that necessitates staying at sea for a longer period. The following scenario simulates coming under fire during several attacks at sea, identifying the hostile locations and returning fire at specified times. After a few minutes, the drill ended successfully.

Operating in the heart of the sea is almost impossible without maritime controllers, who are in regular contact with the ship’s crew. At night they report a hostile ship that carries explosives, constituting a real threat to Israel. “Report on target,” orders Captain Gurion, one of the officers on the patrol boat. “On target,” reports the ship’s deputy commander, Sgt. Ariel Golstein, when he identifies the target. In the background, a number of powerful shots sound from the typhoon cannon located on the bow.

“The team functioned professionally and maintained a high level of capability.  In order to maintain this level and even raise our level of preparedness, we need to maintain our current capacities and always strive for perseverance and professionalism. We met all the goals and objectives we set for ourselves, and we succeeded in all scenarios presented,” concluded Captain Gurion after the exercise.

After a challenging day, the forces came ashore. In honor of the exercises success, the soldiers celebrated with a dinner held in hold of the ship. The goal of the training was achieved, the ships are ready to launch at any time and any given moment, to guard the Israel’s maritime borders.