IDF (Zahal) goes green and implements a special efficiency plan in the Israel Navy

Date: 15/01/2012, 5:07 PM     Author: Matan Galin

In 2011, the Israel Navy achieved a 30 percent reduction in electricity, according to data provided to IDF (Zahal) Website.

The reduction was made possible by an efficiency and savings plan implemented by the Navy, led by the Haifa Base.

The Navy carried out the plan in cooperation with the Israel Electric Corporation. During peak hours, the Navy used electric generators. This eased the IEC’s electricity distribution.

But the reductions in energy use were found in the simplest things – for example, placing energy-saving light bulbs in the corridors at Navy bases. These new lights saved precious energy and reduced costs significantly.

Additionally, automatic shutdown systems were installed on military computers in Navy offices.

By taking such steps, the Navy saved millions of shekels last year, despite inflation in the Israeli economy.