Israeli institutions aid a Palestinian woman

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The Civil Administration subsidized and arranged treatment for a Palestinian mother

Date: 07/08/2011, 10:48 PM     Author: COGAT Website

The Health Coordinator Office of the Civil Administration at the West Bank answered a request from a resident of Qalqilyah, a Palestinian city in the West Bank. The 29-year-old woman asked to receive medical treatments in Israel which are not offered by Palestinian Authorities.

A mother of five, the woman is suffering from an intestinal infection caused by a complication of a previous treatment. The Civil Administration Health Coordinator, Mrs. Daliah Bassa, arranged for the woman to be treated at an Israeli hospital.

Bassa said that “since the Palestinian Authorities did not have the means with which to treat the young mother, the Civil Administration in the West Bank took on the responsibility of providing her with the appropriate treatment and arranged her entrance to Israel for the necessary medical procedures.”

The severity of the Palestinian woman’s condition called for further treatment by a medical appliance, TPN, which was subsidized by the Civil Administration as well.

The Civil Administration and the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem arranged for the appliance to be delivered to the patient’s home in Qalqilyah and was appropriately equipped in hope of easing the woman’s misfortune.

Mrs. Bassa concluded that “we feel great accomplishment that we were able to fulfill our mission in helping the young mother and even saving her life.”