Israeli Navy detains merchant ship suspected for weapon smuggling

Vessel captured 160 miles off Israeli shore and is being searched in agreement with its captain. IDF (Zahal) continues fighting against arming of terror organizations

Date: 22/04/2012, 9:41 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

As part of routine operational activity of the Israeli Navy to ensure security and prevent smuggling, a naval force captured a merchant ship, named Beethoven HS, carrying Liberian flags approximately 160 miles off Israeli shores. The ship’s captain approved the search conducted by the Israeli Navy. If no suspicious means are found on the ship, it will be free to continue its voyage.
IDF (Zahal) and security forces will continue operating ceaselessly to prevent arming of terror organizations aiming to harm Israeli civilians.
Approximately one year ago Israeli Navy forces seized a cargo ship, Victoria, captured 200 miles of Israel’s western shore. The capture of the vessel took place quickly as the crewmen cooperated with the naval forces. On board the vessel, were shipping containers with various kinds of weapons including strategic weapons such as C-704 anti-ship missiles with radar capabilities and a 35 kilometer range. Other than strategic weapons, large quantities of mortar shells, both 60 and 120 millimeters, were also discovered on board the Victoria.