Israeli Navy rescues a civilian yacht stuck at sea

The yacht was experiencing engine malfunctions while sailing in international waters, 29mi off of Lebanese shores. IDF (Zahal) returned the yacht and passengers to safety

Date: 14/08/2012, 8:12 AM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Israeli Navy headquarters received an emergency call from a civilian yacht sailing from the Haifa port in northern Israel to the Larnaca port in Cyprus, last night (Monday, August 14). The yacht crewmen reported that due to an engine malfunction water began flooding the vessel. Once the call was received, an Israeli Navy vessel of the missile boat flotilla went out to sea to assist the yacht.

The yacht was stuck in international waters, approximately 29 miles off of Lebanon shores, though outside of Lebanon’s territorial waters.

An Israeli Navy vessel located the yacht and aided it. The ship is currently making its way back to the Haifa port, all passengers and crewmen returned to safety.