The man had apparently been stranded in distress for a number of days without being able to call for help

Date: 14/10/2009, 12:24 PM    

On Monday afternoon (Dec. 14), an Israeli Navy missile ship rescued an individual sailing by himself on a small vessel in the Mediterranean Sea, west of Acre.

After the notification that there was a vessel in distress nearby had been received, the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Vadm. Eliezer Marum, immediately sent a number of ships to the area in order to conduct a search operation. Upon arrival at the area, a missile ship identified the man. From an initial check, it was learned that he had been stranded in distress for a number of days, and was not capable of calling for help.

The man was taken on the Israeli Navy ship to the Haifa port. From the port, he was sent to a hospital for medical treatment.