"Israel’s existence depends on the strength of the IDF"

Thousands of Armored Corps recruits arrive at IDF (Zahal) induction center as part of November 2011 draft cycle

Date: 28/11/2011, 12:31 PM     Author: Ophir Galili

On Sunday (November 27), thousands of Armored Corps recruits arrived at the IDF (Zahal) induction base at Tel Hashomer as part of the November 2011 draft cycle.

The air was filled with shouts of joy and encouragement and the green and black flags of the Armored Corps waved in the air. On the side, mothers wept, as this was the day their sons were leaving the nest.

“I stood here 25 years ago, as a fresh recruit to the Armored Corps,” said Chief Armored Corps officer Brigadier General Yigal Slovik, who came to welcome the new recruits. “As someone who is serving as a soldier and who has served in many role, I know that those of you who aspire to be in a corps that is influential and decisive on the battlefield have arrived at the right place.”

“The tank has always been and will continue to be the decisive platform in the ground army,” Brig,. Gen. Slovik continued. “Israel’s right to exist at this time stands on the IDF (Zahal) being a strong army and it is imperative that we serve well in it.”