Soldiers of the Israeli Defense Force and its commanders. On this Memorial Day for the fallen soldiers of the Israel defense Forces, we stand united with all citizens of Israel in paying tribute to the memory of the fallen who paid with their lives the price of defending the wellbeing and security of the State of Israel.

In the history of the State of Israel many stories are interwoven of the many who fought courageously and heroically, out of dedication and faith, and sacrificed their lives for the security of the state of Israel and the safety of its citizens. Their death left us with a deep and painful wound, a wound that does not heal. We, the soldiers and commanders of the IDF, remember today with affection the best of our commanders, the dearest of our friends, the finest of our soldiers that have fallen.

This year, after many years of fighting, the IDF pulled out of Lebanon and redeployed along the border. In the fighting in Lebanon and defending our northern border, in the continuing fighting over these recent six months in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in the abominable terrorist attacks, as well as in training and accidents’ we lost this year many of our friends.

The IDF salutes today its fallen soldiers in Israel’s wars, and wishes to strengthen the hands of the bereaved families. We will continue to keep their memory alive, and respect their legacy, and will do everything to locate the IDF fallen soldiers whose burial site is unknown, and bring them to burial in Israel.

Soldiers and commanders of the IDF. We stand united today with the bereaved families, that experience daily the most heavy and terrible loss of all. Their strength is manifested by their coping with the grief, sadness and memories. It is from them that the IDF draws its strength. We are committed to the memory of the fallen, committed to continue the course of life paved by them.

May their memory be blessed.

Maj. Gen., Shaul Mofaz
Chief of the General Staff