Jewish teens from England visit the IDF

Jewish teens from England visit the IDF (Zahal) Field Artillery School as part of the “Israel Experience” project

Date: 27/07/2011, 6:47 PM     Author: Daniella Bokor

Jewish teens from England visited the IDF (Zahal) Field Artillery School on July 26 as part of the “Israel Experience” project. Dozens of 16 year olds participating in the program spent a month in Israel learning about life in the country through museums, hikes, and glances of the IDF (Zahal).

“The army is an inseparable part of the program,” explained Ethan Marin, one of the counselors and the logistics supervisor. The group spent a week in mock basic training. The participants particularly enjoyed visiting various bases, Ethan said.

Cpt. Oded Rachmanov, commander of the PR unit explained that during the visit, the teens “watched an informative movie about the base in English, met with the unit’s trainer, saw munitions and sat inside a cannon. At the end they also spoke with a soldier who participated in the Garin Tzabar program and answered any questions they had to clear things up.”

“So far I’m having a great time,” shared Ely Fidler, one of the group members with a grin, “I especially like seeing the different tools and how they really work. My family is moving to Israel and I want to join army, first I’ll improve my Hebrew though.”

Although impressed by the artillery cannons, Ely hopes to join a combat unit, specifically the infantry forces.

Ely added that “living in Israel is important. Although there might be some difficulties, I think living here is worthwhile.”