Kfir Brigade holds urban warfare drill for platoon commanders

Kfir commander: We are studying lessons of past conflicts and preparing for possible emergency situations

Date: 19/03/2012, 4:11 PM     Author: Florit Shoihet

The Kfir Brigade last week held a training exercise for platoon commanders. The exercise, held at the Paratrooper Training Base at Shfifon, lasted two days and involved urban warfare training. The exercise consisted of theoretical and practical activities at five stations: moving from an open area into a built-up area, advancing on a street, fighting in dense urban territory, defense against the enemy in urban areas, and urban sabotage. Also, the brigade has integrated new technologies with an emphasis on urban warfare.

Commander of the Kfir Brigade, Colonel Udi Ben Mucha told IDF (Zahal) Website about the importance of training for emergency situations in urban areas, where his brigade operates year-round.

The exercise “gives [commanders] the ability to understand what really happens to simple soldiers”, Col. Ben Mucha said. “When a platoon commander goes with his force, he must understand the threats facing his soldiers.”

As part of the exercise, commanders were briefed on threats such as explosive devices and anti-tank missiles.

Since it was established six years ago, the Kfir Brigade has been strongly associated with Judea and Samaria. This year, however, the Kfir Brigade began to operate in other spots as well. The Nahshon Battalion was deployed for operational activity in the north, and the Haruv and Duchifat Batallions were deployed for operational activity in the south.

“Kfir continues to mature,” Col. Ben Mucha said. “The ability to conduct training like this and to set brigade standards strengthens us. We are preparing for possible emergency situations, and studying the lessons of the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead, as well as lessons from ongoing security activities.”