Hundreds of Lebanese Palestinians threw this morning stones towards IDF forces in the area of Zarit and Molotov cocktails were thrown towards the soldiers. There were no casualties to our forces, but damage was caused to the border fence.
IDF forces warned the rioters in Arabic not to cross the fence and fired warning shots in the air to disperse the rioters.
IDF forces responded by shooting tear gas, rubber bullets and controlled gunfire towards the feet of the Lebanese Palestinians who continued to throw stones and attempted to cross the fence.
The GOC Northern Command, Maj.-Gen. Gabby Ashkenazi, appealed last night to senior officials in UNIFIL in light of information received that violent riots are planned to take place and asked to clarify to the Lebanese authorities that in an event of such precessions, and attempts to cross the border fence into Israeli territory, the responsibility will be on the Lebanese government.
Even at this hour there are talks between senior officials in the Northern Command and UNIFIL in order to prevent escalation in the area.