Lights out – an order!


The IDF (Zahal) will turned off the lights as part of Earth Hour, in order to raise awareness about energy conservation. This year the IDF (Zahal) received an order to shut its lights except for those in operation use.

Date: 22/04/2010, 2:27 PM     Author: Na’ama Rak

On Thursday evening, citizens of Israel marked Earth Day. The central event known as “Earth Hour” took place from 8 to 9 PM, when Israel citizens turned off the lights of their homes as part of an annual event held around the world which is aimed at improving awareness for the climate crisis and the struggle to reduce environmental pollution.

In the last two years, IDF (Zahal) bases have joined the global initiative. On Thursday night, as the people got ready to turn off their lights across the country, the IDF (Zahal) also turned off the lights of the bases across the country.

Earth Hour began operating as a global initiative since 2007. In Israel the initiative has been adopted successfully in private homes and among local authorities and state institutions. This year 16 major cities are taking part in the initiative.

“It is important for us to take part in this project, it is the first time the entire IDF (Zahal) will participate in this event,” explained Lt. Col. Eli Paz, director of the IDF (Zahal)’s Environmental Protection Department. “We began to take part in the event in a symbolic way two years ago. This year we decided to give an order that requires all the IDF (Zahal) to shut down the lights.”

Due to some important operational need of electricity, the commanders had the discretion to decide which activities will be canceled and which lights may be turned off. “One of the goals of this project is to send a message to the soldiers, we will be happy if officers choose to devote this hour to discuss related activities with the soldiers.”