The Unit for IDF Soldiers Missing in Action located, after a continued and strenuous investigation, the burial place of Private Peretz Zukerman, a fighter in the fifth battalion of the Palmach “Harel”. Private Zukerman fell in the War of Independence on May 12, 1948, during heavy fighting conducted in the area of Shaar Hagai on the evening of the declaration of statehood. The location of his burial place was unknown until today.

The Head of the Personnel Directorate, Major General Yehuda (Yudke) Segev, approved the conclusions of the investigation. The Head of the Casualties Department, Colonel Moshe, and Head of the Soldiers Missing in Action Branch, Lieutenant Colonel Tzila Noyman, delivered the findings of the investigation to the family.

Summary of the Event Private Peretz Zukerman, was born in Romania and immigrated to Israel in 1946, and fought in the fifth battalion of the “Harel” brigade of the Palmach. After recovering from battle injuries, with the purpose of returning to fight side by side with his comrades in the brigade, Private Zukerman joined an armored convoy of the “Givati” brigade that was about to open the way to Jerusalem. The convoy clashed with the enemy, the force was hit, and retreated, leaving behind four dead soldiers on the battle field.

In December 1950, in the framework of the search operation conducted by the late Rabbi Shlomo Goren, following the soldiers whose burial place was unknown, four bodies of the armored convoy were located.

The four soldiers were buried in a common grave in Mount Herzel in Jerusalem. Three of them were identified as “Givati” brigade fallen soldiers but Private Peretz Zukerman, whose name did not appear on the list of “Givati” fallen soldiers was buried as an “unknown” soldier. From eyewitness accounts of the fighters in the convoy and from documents that were collected by the investigator of the Unit for Soldiers Missing in Action, it was confirmed beyond a doubt that Private Peretz Zokerman was buried in the common grave in Mount Herzel. The IDF, in the framework of the Unit for Soldiers Missing in Action in the Personnel Directorate, continues and operates tirelessly to locate the burial place of IDF soldiers that are unknown.