During the whole length of the afternoon, disturbances and rioting continued at the various sites. These included incidents of live fire, and the throwing of burning tires, firebombs and stones.

In spite of the agreements made, and repeated pledges by the PA and the Palestinian security forces to act firmly to stop the disturbances carried out by Palestinians and members of the Tanzim, it is evident that the Palestinian pledges were false. The entire responsibility for the escalation is upon the PA that does not honor the agreements it committed to.

The West Bank

A Border policeman was lightly wounded from a firebomb thrown at him at Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus. In another incident at the site, Palestinians fired at IDF soldiers, the soldiers did not respond with live fire.

At additional points in the West Bank, exchanges of fire continued – At Ayosh junction, Tul Karem, Shedma junction, in the Tunnels Road., and in Hebron towards a position in Beit Hadasa.

Also, fire was opened at an Israeli vehicle near the settlement of Dolev. No one was injured.

The PA assumes a great responsibility in sending Palestinian citizens along with armed members of the Tanzim to confront IDF soldiers, knowing they might be injured as a result.

The Gaza Strip

The IDF outpost in Netzarim junction was today, again, the main battleground in the Gaza Strip. In the morning, relative calm was maintained, in accordance with the agreements made with the Palestinians last night, but in the afternoon an escalation occurred when demonstrators opened heavy fire and threw stones and firebombs at the IDF position. There has even been an attempt to heave a load of gas tanks and firebombs off a nearby building at the position. IDF soldiers exerted maximum restraint in face of the rioters but once there was clear danger to their lives, the IDF returned fire, including fire from attack helicopters, at the Palestinian shooters.

This afternoon, dozens of Palestinians arriving from a funeral march attempted to break into the border fence surrounding the Gaza Strip and began moving in the direction of the Jewish Settlement of Nirim. IDF forces acted to close the area and prepared to deploy attack helicopters. Simultaneously, the IDF allowed the Palestinian policemen to intervene. They successfully drove the demonstrators back into Palestinian territory.

There were additional shooting incidents in the area of Kfar Darom.

No IDF soldier was injured in these incidents.