“It was a convoy of three civilian vehicles, escorted by three Army Jeeps, one driving before the convoy and two behind it. At approximately 21:45 the civilians prepared to enter the settlement of Netzarim when a charge was detonated at them, a small distance before Netzarim Junction.

In accordance with procedures, the convoy drove forward a small distance, and the soldiers left their vehicles to check out the scene. The soldiers opened fire towards the north of the route, where they thought the terrorists were located. As they were searching the north side of the road, and turning to return to the Jeep, an additional charge was detonated (a minute and a half after the first). As a result, an IDF soldier was seriously wounded and an IDF officer was lightly wounded. The two received preliminary medical care at the site and were evacuated by helicopter to Soroka Hospital.

The Officer opened fire towards the southern side of the route, and apparently wounded one of the terrorists. This we know by traces of blood found in the area.

It seems that three terrorists were involved in the attack (one of which was injured).

Additional forces, which arrived at the site, commenced pursuit of the escaped terrorists.

The above mentioned explosives were apparently pipe-bombs, triggered by the pulling of a wire. The IDF soldier and IDF officer were apparently injured by the casing of the device.

It must be noted that the primary purpose of the security forces in the area is to provide security to the residents of the Gaza Strip-and after two hours another civilian convoy entered the village of Netzarim.

The Palestinian Police Force is responsible for preventing terrorist activities of this sort. In this case the Palestinian Police did not help IDF forces although it did not interfere.

It is known to us that Amar Hussama El-Ali, the Palestinian counterpart of the head of the RSC, stated in the newspapers that the incident was staged and is no more than an Israeli provocation.