1. The purpose of my visit to the United States was to brief the Americans on the current military and security situation.

The Iranian Threat:
* Capabilities that are developing in coordination with the Russians in the non conventional field.

* Development of Ground to Ground missiles including the Shihab 3 that has operational capabilities.

* Terror assistance. The Iranians are assisting the Hizballah + the connection to the Palestinians in the Karine A ship incident.

The Palestinian Issue:
* There is no strategic change in the Palestinian methods.

* The direction is escalation, the ship the weapons it carried bear witness to this.

* The fact that there is no strategic decision on behalf of the Palestinians to fight terror, everything that was achieved during two weeks from agreements formed between the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad.

They received “instructions” from headquarters outside the country to continue executing terror attacks.

Arafat is being pressured following the terror attacks, international pressure, Israeli and IDF pressure.

Arafat was driven to a corner in the world of after the September 11th events, any option of continuing terror attacks against us is illegitimate.