As of the morning hours, disturbances have broken out and escalated to shootings. Some of the incidents began when civilians and Palestinian policemen fired at IDF Soldiers. Palestinian policemen remained passive in face of the occurrences and in some cases even took an active part in the disturbances. It can be said that the Palestinian Authority lost, in a sense, control over the events.

Incidents in the southern command today included, among others, several cases in which fire was opened at IDF soldiers in the Orhan outpost in northern “Gush Katif”, an attempt to break into an outpost by the Egyptian border, and firing at the Netzarim junction.

The IDF has no interest in an escalation of the conflict. Our main goal is to stop the escalation, stop the firing and prevent bloodshed and hostilities. In an effort to calm the situation, the IDF does not take any initiated action. This morning, throughout the Gaza Strip, IDF soldiers remained in static positions within IDF outposts and avoided any friction in order to pass through the day peacefully.