As of the morning hours, we have witnessed severe disturbances, which escalated into live fire by members of the Tanzim, Palestinian civilians, and at a later stage, Palestinian policemen. We initiated no action in order to cause injuries, our activity came only in response to the Palestinians’ violent behavior. To my regret the Palestinians made cynical use of women and children in order to confront our forces. Women and children were placed at the front lines of the confrontation in order to put the IDF in difficult situations. The Palestinian Authority could have prevented the confrontations but in actuality we did not see any real attempt on their behalf to do so.
Yesterday I met with the heads of the Palestinian security forces to coordinate our actions for the following day in an effort to restore order. The Palestinians did not honor the agreements made in that meeting.

The Palestinian Authority is fully responsible for the escalation, Palestinian security forces are the ones who initiated the events. Nonetheless, even though up until now the Palestinians did not honor any agreement reached with them, communications with the Palestinian side continue.