Preparations were made by the GOC Northern Command and the soldiers regarding awareness of the possibility of kidnapping soldiers, but to our regret it happened. Our heart is with the families and we will do all we can.
We are in the midst of a struggle in the territories for over a week and I wish to stand by the soldiers and officers active in the field. The IDF is operating with restraint and is using line ammunition only in life threatening situations.
The violence was began by the Palestinians, and the key to its cessation is in their hands.
I hope they stop the violence and return to the negotiation table.
We recommended to the Prime Minister because of the escalation, to evacuate Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus. Because Netzarim junction was another friction point, we decided to demolish the twin buildings overlooking the IDF position and from where fire was opened. In addition, a factory used by the Tanzim, from where they opened fire at IDF soldiers was demolished.
We are not evacuating the soldiers from the junction.
We are in a situation in which, when we will be called upon to act, we will know how.
As soon as the acts of violence cease, we will know that he results of the meeting were successful. In the West Bank and Gaza strip we activate only a very small part of the IDF’s force. The damage o the Palestinians can be many fold more severe.