The event occurred tonight in Southern Gush Katif between Bdolach and Atzmonah, and it involved the attack of the Marganit post. The event occurred around 3 am. This morning while the post was manned by Givati’s “Shaked” Battalion it was attacked by two Fatah operatives from Abu-Rosh. The ensuing clash lasted 8-10 minutes during which one of the terrorists was killed while the second was killed later after being pursued. Unfortunately during the clash three soldiers were killed among them the Deputy Commander of the “Shaked” Battalion, Major Gil Oz, and Staff Sergeant Kobi Nir and a third victim whose name is yet to be released.

At this point I would like to express our deep sorrow and our condolences to the families. I know the depth of the sorrow, a bleeding wound that will never heal.

Seven other soldiers were wounded as well, three were moderately hurt and three others were lightly injured. As for the attackers, they were killed during the clash. The first terrorist, Amin Muhammad Abu Hatab, was a member of the Palestinian Authority and its security forces. The second was Hisam Mossa Abu Jamus. The two arrived with the aid of another person that helped them cross the border, and them returned to Khan Junis. They were members of the Fatah Organization in Abu Rish. This is an organization that is responsible for mortar bombs being fired, light weapons fire, anti-tank rockets fired and active attacks, such as this event.

The terrorist fired between 20-40 bullets and threw between 5-10 hand grenades. Shrapnel and light weapons fire caused parts of the injuries. We will investigate the event in the following days, and produce conclusions.

The soldiers acted according to procedure, some of them were guarding and some were sleeping, and indeed the two terrorists arrived at the post through a hidden route. A soldier alerted the other soldiers and the terrorists stormed into the post. One has to understand that at night there is a difficulty of noting where people are stationed, and there is a difficulty in investigating the event since three soldiers were killed and seven were injured and we will have to create as precise a recreation of the event as we can.

The terrorists took a bypass route and circled the post from north-west, they infiltrated the post, one climbed on the western cell an one on the eastern. It can be assumed that that same terrorist killed some of our soldiers, the same terrorist that was killed in the post. The second terrorist retreated towards the west and only around 7:00 in the morning was he killed by our forces.

It is important to emphasize that the terrorists infiltrated into the post and the result is serious. The fact that they managed to enter should be investigated. The clash with them started from the moment they opened fire.

This event is tragic, and as I said I would have expected better results. We are committed to investigate this event, reach conclusions, to be prepared for a similar event, and there will be more similar events. The IDF has weaknesses and we must make sure that they are reduced.