During a memorial ceremony for the residents of the Jezreel Valley who were killed in Israel’s wars, Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Moshe Ya’alon stated that, “we are here this week to commemorate 55 years of Israeli independence, which cost us a significant amount of blood spilled during Israel’s wars and operations. Those who were killed securing and protecting the border will always be missed.”

Lieut. General Ya’alon also noted that, “we are optimistic, yet, with all our experience, are realistic and prepared for changes.” Lieut. General Ya’alon also emphasized that, “as a nation and country, we will be in need of the IDF for many long years-as a large, state-of-the-art army, staffed with high quality personnel, equipped with advanced technology, and believing in a just path.”

According to Lieut. General Ya’alon, the struggle for independence in the Middle East is still ongoing. The IDF will continue its struggle against terrorists and their accomplice in order to protect the State of Israel. The IDF is continuing to build its strength in order to deter our enemies.”

Lieut. General Ya’alon concluded by stating that, “this evening, we are commemorating all the soldiers who fell during the wars. We draw strength from them, and embrace their families. We will be in the forefront of challenges with hope in our hearts, and pray for peace for the State of Israel and its residents.”