Maj. Gen. Eisenberg: Strength of homefront will decide next war

Maj. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg

Homefront Command chief says Arab Spring could turn into “Radical Islamic Winter”

Date: 09/06/2011, 11:21 AM     Author: Avihai Chiim

Major General Eyal Eisenberg, head of the IDF (Zahal) Homefront Command, discussed on Monday (September 5) the security challenges that the Homefront Command has faced recently and significant changes that have occurred in the Middle East and within the borders of Israel.

“The Homefront Command faces a challenge that is not simple,” Maj. Gen. Eisenberg said. “The main threat is from missiles and rockets and we may find ourselves in a conflict in which the homefront is under attack. The strength of the homefront is what will decide the outcome of the next war.”

Speaking to the Institute for National Security Studies, Maj. Gen. Eisenberg explained that the security situation and developments in the Middle East could turn the Arab Spring into a “Radical Islamic Winter”. He said that the threat of weapons of mass destruction has increased recently.

“Iran has not abandoned its nuclear program,” Maj. Gen. Eisenberg said. “The Egyptian army is bending under the burden of its missions, as evidenced by the transformation of the [Israel-Egypt] border from one of peace to one of terror and the possibility that the Sinai Peninsula will become an Islamic entity. Strategically, I think Israel needs a peaceful border with Sinai. Also, with what is happening in Syria and the deterioration of [Israel’s] ties with Turkey, the likelihood of an all-out war [in the Middle East] is growing in the long-run.”

Maj. Gen. Eisenberg also discussed the steps that the Homefront Command has been taking to improve the readiness of Israel’s civilian population for emergency situations. He said that the situation on the homefront has improved since 2006 but that there are still further enhancements to be made.