Maj. Gen. Yiftah Ron Tal was born in 1956 in Kibbutz Nativ Halamed-Heh.

Maj. Gen. Ron Tal was enlisted into the Armored Corps in 1974, and began a series of tours of duty, starting as a combat soldier, through Company Commander, Battalion Commander, and Brigade Commander until the position of Division Commander.

During the Litani Operation in 1978 he served as a Company Commander, and in the Peace for the Galilee War he served as an Operations Officer and Tank Battalion Commander in an Armored Brigade.

Maj. Gen. Ron Tal served as the Commander of the Ramallah Brigade in the West Bank in the height of the first Intifada of the late 1980s, as the Commander of a regular Armored Brigade. He also served as the Commander in Chief of the Armored Corps School for Commanders (NCO’s and Officers).

In 1998 he was appointed Commander of the IDF Army Headquarters Training Base, and in his last tour of duty he served as Chief of staff of the IDF Army headquarters.

Maj. Gen. Ron Tal is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a member of the Israeli Bar Association.

Maj. Gen. Ron Tal is married and a father of three, two of which are currently serving in the IDF, one as a Company Commander in the Paratroop Brigade, and another in the IDF Officer’s Course.