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Galei Tzahal

From Galei Tzahal’s historic beginning to its world famous hosts, IDF (Zahal) Website presents five facts about the network in celebration of its 60 years in existence

Date: 21/10/2010, 12:20 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

At 5:00 a.m. IDF (Zahal) radio network Galei Tzahal (Galatz for short) broadcasts its morning show, Boker Tov Tzahal, which in English means Good Morning IDF (Zahal). The program is intended to wake soldiers up with newscasts and music. Throughout the day, programming continues with news, music, traffic and educational broadcasting to entertain soldiers and the general public alike, keeping them updated in case of emergency.

This week, the nationwide network celebrated its 60th birthday, having officially begun its transmissions in 1950 after keeping Jewish public informed during the Israeli War of Independence. Galei Tzahal is the parent network of the popular entertainment station, Galgalatz.

In the spirit of celebrating Galatz’ birthday, IDF (Zahal) Website presents five interesting facts about Galei Tzahal:

1. Army broadcasts were started by none other than Prime Minister and first Minister of Defense David Ben Gurion, following the sounds of celebratory trumpets as well as the national anthem.

2. Galgalatz, Galei Tzahal’s off-shoot station mainly broadcasting music and traffic reports along with reports by the National Authority on Road Safety was established in 1994. Today it is the most popular music station on Israeli radio.

3. Galgalatz’s name is a combination of the words galgal (wheel), a link to the issue of road safety and the word Galatz, its parent station’s name.

4. In 1958, Galatz moved from its original headquarters in the Manchil school in Ramat Gan to Jaffa, where its location remains to this day.
5. For years, Galatz’s chief grammar and semantics editor has been the historic Dr. Avshalom Kor, who teaches courses on proper Hebrew for the station’s new writers and hosts the stations’ linguistics corner, “Literately”.