IDF Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General, Moshe Ya’alon, convened the IDF operations forum today (December 8, 2002). Attending the forum were all Battalion Commanders and their counterparts, senior operational staff of the Army, Navy and Israel Air Force to discuss the main trends in combating terror. The topics addressed in the forum included improvement of the operational activity in fighting terror, harming the innocent, warfare and the media responsibility civilian population in warfare, and other professional topics.

The forum meets from time to time to learn and draw lessons. The forum emphasized the dilemmas of combating terrorists who seek refuge in crowded and populated urban areas.

This warfare necessitates continuous operational pressure and the ongoing pursuit of terror cells who attempt to carry out terror attacks including suicide bombings inside Israel. The operational pressure mandates the imposition of curfews and closures, encountering heavy fire in combat, destruction of terrorist infrastructures and more. Such activity plays a major role in the prevention of terror, which is essential for the security of Israeli citizens. On the other hand, it also imposes heavy restrictions on the civilian population.