The members of the IDF General Staff headed by the Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Shaul Mofaz, were hosts for a weekly discussion at the IDF National Defense College. The College’s commander, Major General Ya’akov Amidror and the commanders staff, reviewed the components of the concept of the training of the senior IDF officers. The Chief of Staff concluded and emphasized, among other things, the importance of the relationship between the training components and its continuity and the multi- arm component of the military training. The members of the General Staff also hosted the State Attorney, Mr. Elyakim Rubinstein for a debate on topics related to “warfare and law”. The Military Advocate General, Major General Menahm Finkelstein, opened the debate with an introduction of the guidelines of the military leagal policy concerning the legal aspects of warfare. “When the cannons roar” – the law does not go silent, the application of the legal principles should match the current warfare reality. The reality we are operating in is defined as an “armed conflict”, which is essentially different than the 87-94 Intifada. This definition has many legal implications, in topics like interrogation and trial, civil claims, property damage, the judging of military operations in the Supreme Court and more. The Military Advocate General said that military activity does not provide immunity from interrogation and trial, when required. Indeed, in some cases interrogations and even military court proceedings are being held. The State Attorney reviewed the range of legal activities that concern matters of national security that he and his legal team are dealing with. Among other things, he analyzed different legal issues from the realm of the Israeli and international law and from the international criminal court in Hague that is to be established soon. The State Attorney emphasized the confidence he and his associates in the legal system have toward the IDF in their joint work, but also stated that this confidence obliges the IDF to always check itself and draw lessons. He also emphasized the importance of the law in the IDF and the importance of the military advocacy’s work. The Chief of Staff, in his conclusion, emphasized the justification of the IDF’s moral stand, side by side with the significant importance of conducting operational investigations and the serious handling of irregularitis. “Justice has to be done and seen”, concluded the Chief of Staff.