In the frame of IDF “Defensive Shield” operation, the Military Police set up to take care of rare incidents related to maintaining the purity of measures and strength of IDF. In the frame of this work, a leading branch was creation within the Military Police and in the Bethlehem regional brigade. Within this branch operate regular and reserve military police investigators and deal with complaints exceptional cases. In addition, the military police soldier are searching equipment and vehicles that belonged to regular and reserve soldiers who participated in the combat, with emphasis in cases where soldiers are being released from service and random passages.

In the frame of the investigations held by the Military police, a number of soldiers were arrested who are suspected with breaking into vehicles belonging to reserve soldiers who were drafted with a number ‘8’ order in a base in central Israel. Furthermore a civilian who was recently released from service was arrested and is suspected with breaking into vehicles. The participation of other soldiers participating in these actions is being looked into as well. Three soldiers were arrested, suspected for stealing money from the wallet of a Palestinian who at the time was also arrested. The soldiers admitted these actions. An additional soldier was arrested for suspicion of looting. In addition a document of prosecution was presented in central military court that charges a soldier with looting computer equipment and cellular phones, among other charges. The court ordered that the soldier be held under arrest an additional week.

This operation is part of the IDF policy in dealing with exceptional incidents, related to the purity of measures and strength of the IDF. Action such as these disgrace those who were uniforms and cause great damage to the military, who’s strength is within its purity. According to this policy, events such as these have been and will be dealt with harshly. Sensitivity and awareness on behalf of the commanders are very high, and the majority of the complaints filed by the civilians were presented to the Military Police with the commanders’ initiative.